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You’re ready to embark on a journey—to achieve your fitness goals and discover a healthy, happy you.

But each journey requires a first step. And we have one that will start your journey off right and build the healthy habits required to transform your body and maintain your success.

The seven-day USANA MySmart™Start Kit comes with everything you need to begin your fitness journey. No matter how far you have to go, we’ll be there to help every step of the way.

MySmartStart Phase
You’ll set the tone for the rest of your journey in your first week. Start by replacing any two meals with USANA MySmart™Shakes, eating three servings each of fruits and vegetables, enjoying one or two USANA MySmart™Bars, and taking your daily HealthPak™. You can also have one low-glycemic meal a day—preferably lunch. For ease and convenience, your MySmartStart Kit comes with the shakes, bars, and supplements you need.Your day on MySmartStart:

  • Morning: MySmartShake (with your choice of Flavor Optimizer) and AM HealthPak
  • Mid-morning snack: MySmartBar (your choice of our three delicious flavors)
  • Lunch: Low-glycemic meal (or a MySmartShake if you’re saving your meal for dinner)
  • Afternoon snack: MySmartBar or a serving of fruit or veggies
  • Evening: MySmartShake (or a low-glycemic meal if you had a shake for lunch) and PM HealthPak
  • Get moderate exercise (example: 20–30 minutes of brisk walking), but avoid strenuous exercise while you’re on the program
Transform Phase
MySmartStart is all about building confidence and showing you what’s possible. The 28-day Transform Phase is where you reinforce your new habits to achieve lasting results. It follows the exact same regimen as the MySmartStart Phase, except you should increase your exercise to a level you’re comfortable with. So your day won’t change much, but your health habits will.Maintain Phase
Your journey is complete. You’ve reached your goals. But you still need to continue down the path of good health. The Maintain Phase helps you achieve long-term success and supports building a healthier lifestyle with an optimal ratio of macronutrients.Your day on Maintain:

  • Drink one MySmartShake
  • Eat two low-glycemic meals
  • Eat one or two MySmartBars and one other low-glycemic snack
  • Continue an exercise program that works for you
  • Take your HealthPak or the USANA® Essentials™ daily

Your Journey, Your Way
Your journey is your own. Everybody’s path to health is different, and some might require more customization of products.

That’s why USANA has created a customizable program that fits your journey. But no matter how far you have to go, you have to take the first step. So start off right—get your MySmartStart today!


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7-day USANA MySmart™Start Kit Delivered Includes Coaching






28-Day Be Healthy™  Transformation Kit Delivered

Shakes, Bars and Supplements

Includes Personalized Coaching


2 smoothies/day + 1 snack bar/day  $445 USD




7-day USANA MySmart™Start Kit + Transform Kit Delivered

Includes Personalized Coaching

2 smoothies/day + 1 snack bar/day  $575 USD





MySmart Blender Bottle

Digestive Support

Optimal Digestive Support







MySmartShake Protein Plus Booster





MySmartShake Fibergy Plus



Additional Personal Health Coaching



Personal Health Coaching


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