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Could you use 28 snack ideas and more to help you better “Simplify”?? We are so excited to offer this special Workshop event on August 24th…

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You're Never Too Old for Vitamin D - Ask The Scientists

We want strong bodies to keep up with not only the demands but keep up with the lifestyle we want to have for many years to come!! Let’s get..

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Ask the Scientists - Health and Science Education

Our brains need nutrients for protection and to function optimally. Learn more about the many reasons!!

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DarleneDarlene Clevey

Please register for a Live Free Group event or program with Darlene Clevey via this secure form. After you fill out the form please use the PayPal buttons below to purchase your program products.

For the 5-Day RESET only please fill out lines 1-5, 7, and 10-13.  The 5-Day RESET comes in a variety pack with everything you need.

For the entire 33-Day Nutrition Challenge Program be sure to select your preferences for days 6-33. You get to choose your favorite flavors for your nutrition challenge smoothies and bars! All are included in the cost of your program and will be delivered right to your front door before the challenge starts. Note: please be sure to fill out the entire form.

Our group 5-Day RESET and group 33-Day Challenge starts the first Monday of every month, so join the group starting next month today!!!

You always have the option of starting your 5-Day Reset or your 33-Day Nutrition Challenge on a day which better fits your busy schedule. Discuss your choice with your coach.

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Please feel free to use the Paypal buttons below to make your purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: The 33 Day Nutritional Challenge order includes the 5-Day RESET Kit plus 1 smoothie AND 1 snack bar per day together with the Essentials daily minerals and antioxidants for the next 28 days. For additional weight loss you can upgrade to 2 smoothies with 1 snack bar per day or 2 smoothies and 2 snack bars per day. You can also upgrade to the HealthPak option for a more powerful cellular support (individually wrapped for AM/PM convenience) and is a substitute for the Essentials.  Please feel free to contact us with any ordering questions.

Nutrition Challenge USANA

5 Day RESET Program + Coaching

Nutrition Challenge support

Optimal Cellular Support

USANA Blender Bottle

USANA Blender Bottle

Nutrition Challenge set USANA

33 Day Nutrition Challenge + Coaching (Includes Reset Kit)

Digestive Support

Optimal Digestive Support

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Additional Personal Health Coaching

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