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The Live Free Group Registration 

Welcome! Please click on the section belonging to your Health Coach to register for a Live Free Group event or program via their secure form. Thanks for joining us, we’re thrilled you are here! Our 7-Day My Smart Start and 28-Day My Smart Challenge starts the first every week, so join the group starting for next week!

You always have the option of starting your 7-Day My Smart Start or your 28-Day My Smart Challenge on a day which better fits your busy schedule. Discuss your choice with your coach.

Teresa Meadows
Teresa Marie Meadows
Health & Wellness Coach
Independent USANA Associate
USANA Gold Director

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Janice Rackley
Janice H. Rackley, RN
Health & Wellness Coach
Independent USANA Associate
USANA Gold Director

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Darlene W Clevey                   Health & Wellness Coach
Independent USANA Associate
USANA Director

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The LIVE FREE GROUP is all about helping you become your personal best. If you are finding it more challenging than ever to juggle the demands of your family, your work, your athletic training, or your just plain rushed lifestyle, you have come to the right place.

THE LIVE FREE GROUP is a group of international wellness and medical professionals trained by leading experts in the industry. Our coaches are educators and speakers, providing services to clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and needs.

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